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Konjac pasta investment opportunity.


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Konjac Investment opportunity.

We are opening up a fantastic business opportunity for you to be able to invest in one of the fastest growing products to hit the South African Keto community.  We simply cannot keep up with the demand and we would like to offer business opportunities to you our valued customers.

Lets be honest with loadshedding, petrol prices and food prices going up, the cost of living has too and salaries have stayed the same. So we want to open up our incredible product to you in order to create an extra income with guaranteed sales, we have demand for this all over SA at the moment and we are bringing in around 12000 a shot but it lasts just over 2 months and we have not even touched the surface yet.  There are hundreds of stores waiting to sell this product and you could be the one to sell it to them.

We would give you the business structure and all the material you need to market the product either on your own or to stores in your area, even if we open franchises in your area, you will still be allowed to sell as you were there first and all existing relationships will be honored.   Health stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, even restaurants are wanting this product, the world is your oyster.

With so many individuals out there suffering from chronic illnesses and obesity, this product has become a household name in the keto community.

We will provide you with a catalogue of dishes that can be made too.

You will however not be able to sell the products in the following areas:

Gauteng, KZN

The rest of South Africa is currently available for resale of the product, and we already have existing relationships with quite a few stores, that will help you with resale.

By investing in the konjac, you are part of our buying process.  The product takes around 10 weeks from production to delivery.  So you will essentially have your product in that time after placing your order and making payment.

By taking part in this investment opportunity we will also give you free delivery of your consignment anywhere in South Africa ( Not in Gauteng or KZN as these are restricted areas as they are covered by independent franchises)


Gigi’s konjac pasta and Rice??
Available in Rice, udon noodle, noodle,  angel hair, penne, fettuccini, shrimp and calamari
Understanding Gigi’s konjac pasta and rice..
Our delicious range of konjac pasta are mainly made up of soluble fibre, they are absorbant and love fats ?? much like all us keto’ers.
Fry in fat for 5-7 minutes for best results ??
This is a variation of a plain pasta as a side for meals..
We use the konjac in all our fasting programs, which is why we have such incredible results.. I eat konjac each and every day of my life.. I am completely hooked . ??????
These are not the Shirataki products!!!
These are a brand new breed that we have formulated called Gigis konjac pasta.. Totally different recipe!!!
Softer texture, no stinky liquids, no chemicals, completely clean?
And we are the only ones to have launched this recipe as of yet. ??
The proof is in the tasting.
We spent 6 months ensuring that our Konjac noodles, rice and Fettuccine are nothing like anything you have ever tasted.. ??
Our products do not contain calcium Hydroxide which is the prominent ingredient in Shirataki products. It is also the reason those products smell fishy. ??
We worked with a developer to bring you a pasta range that is a softer texture, and free from chemicals, we use a Saline solution which also means no smell, only made from konjac flour and water it reduces the shelf life to a year, but that’s fine, you won’t resist eating them up..
Our product was formulated to ensure it is appealing from start to finish, we also have a group teaching you how to prepare our products to get the best results.
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