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Warrior 14 day fasting challenge. 1st and 8th May


R2899,00 incl. VAT

28 Day WARRIOR Challenge – 1st and 8th May


This month I have put together  an exciting variety of our delicious products and we will be making up fun dishes too with new and exciting konjac recipes and meals.  There will be fasting times of 16hr 18hr  20hr and 24hr.


It is a magnificent group fasting challenge which lasts 28 days.  I have worked out the meal plans and the fasting times to reach rhe optimal results and help you reach your personal body transformation goals.  You will receive all the products, meals and ingredients for the full month.  You will receive a comprehensive guide, with meal plan and instructions, and most importantly, you will receive the most incredible group support from our 3 keto coaches Lynette, Michelle and myself  Gigi.


This challenge includes a very Powerful combination of collagen, superfood mixes and organic and highly nutritious products that all all made by us on this special edition challenge.

What is included:

  • Full Meal plan With Fasting Instructions,
  • Files and documents that will guide you and assist you on the program
  • Accountability, weigh in and immediate responses
  • FAQ section, education, monitoring Group on whatsapp


    • Choose 10 Meals
    • 4 x burger patties
    • 1 packs of crackers
    • 5 nut butter tubs
    • 3 foccacia slices
    • 5 protein bars
    • 2 sachets Re-Vive electrolytes Proudly sponsored by Re-Vive
    • 5 packs of Gigi’s Konjac pasta (10 Portions)
    • 1 x 300g collagen or extra 3 packs of konjac pasta  .

You Will receive a Full Meal Plan with Instructions on What to have and when to have it.



All members are added to the group on the weekend before the challenge starts.

We look forward to helping you take that first step towards a brand new YOU!

  • Support Groups, coaching options,

    1 Pack of Pecan health crackers

    5 nut butter tubs

    2 sachets of RE-VIVE Electrolytes Proudly sponsored by RE-VIVE

    4 burger patties - 1 pack

    1 pack collagen or extra 3 packs of konjac

    5 protein bars

    3 foccacia


As our Warrior Challenge is Growing by the month and we are successfully helping thousands of people each year to shed those extra kgs, we have just launched our online support group, you can now partake in all challenges on the Titans fasting support group too TITANS FASTING SUPPORT SIGN UP 

It costs R79.99 a month ex vat and you can cancel anytime, or you can be a member for life, where you will have access to our support, recipes, meal plans, competitions and more.

So you get to Choose how you want to do the challenges.

We have a Whatsapp group support that comes with an accountability documents which will help guide you along the way, weekly weigh ins with all the members, daily inspiration and 24/7 support.

This is now included in the plan, you will not have to pay extra for this.

You can choose to be part of either group or choose to do it on your own, but we advise being part of one of them as you will need the extra guidance and support throughout this amazing process of self-discovery and unlocking your true potential through clean eating and full body cleansing.

We have been helping so many individuals all over the world to reach their goals with our incredible meal plans and in South Africa, the actual meals too, but the warrior fasting program has seen the most unbelievable successes and transformations.

The best part about us and our programs is that we are a community, we care about your well being and long term success, so we have various platforms available to ensure you continue on your journey after the challenge with all the tools we provide you with.


100% Banting Baker Gigi created package!  With a host of incredible products that have been formulated for immaculate results and

Group Fasting with Optimum Results- Your choice to join them.

Calorie Deficit, very Low Carbohydrate, incredible group support and education on the ketogenic lifestyle.

On the average day, you consume no more than 1200 calories and no more than 15g Net carbs.


You will have until the 4th to register and 10th to purchase in store at our Paarden Eiland Branch or at any of our Outlets



Everyone will be added to our Exclusive Whatsapp group the day before the challenge starts, you will register your starting weights and details on the forms provided. We will be uploading all the information for you to ensure you have access to your daily instructions and alternatives.

A group challenge with Everything Included, meals snacks 24/7 group support

You will fast with three methods of Fasting. 16:8,  18:6  and 20:4.

Choose your warrior

Single warrior, Couples warrior, Group of 4


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