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Winter Warmer Family Combo!


R4999,00 incl. VAT

Winter Warmer Family Combo.

This delicious and delightful winter combo has everything you need to keep your family healthy and satisfied this winter, family size meals, amazing products and at a very very low price.

We have 30 combo’s available. First come first serve.

10 x 1kg family size meals

10 x 1 litre Ramen pouches

20 burger patties  (come in 4 packs)

20 burger buns  ( pack of 4)

3kgs Muesli

3 litres almond Milk

20 slices foccacia

40 protein bars





    3 Kgs Muesli

    Choose 10 pouches Ramen

    20 Burger Buns

    3 litres Almond Milk

    20 slices of foccacia


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