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Vegan Cakes – Low Carb


Banting, Keto, Diabetic, Wheat and Gluten Free

So Many Vegan Customers Tell us how hard it is to find a Vegan Cake that is also Wheat and Gluten free with No added Sugar. So we started making them. We strive to cater to as many people as we can and We want to make the Keto/ Banting option as available as possible for all walks of life.

But we are also very particular about flavour, so we also want to make sure that any item we make tastes more incredible than you can ever imagine. This cake is simply to die for, juicy, moist, full of flavour and with a toasty crust. You can choose to have any flavour in the inside, this one in the photo was a Vanilla.

For a Single Layer, The net Carbs per slice is only 1.3g per slice if you cut 10 Slices. The Cake is 28cm wide. Charts can be found above.

You can Choose your flavours, sweetener type and even the decorations.

This cake is made with Macadamia Flour, Coconut, Coconut Cream, psyllium husk, Xylitol, xantham gum

Please note xylitol is harmful to pets.


Double [2], Single, Triple [3]


Banana, Blueberry, Brownie, Carrot, Choc-Chip, Chocolate, Lemon, Mixed layers (please specify in message to us), Red Velvet, Vanilla

Sweetener Choice

Erythritol, Xylitol


Candles, Edible Print ( picture of whatever you want, can be peeled off, does contain sugar), Extra Fresh berries, No Extras, Writing on Cake ( please specify via email)


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