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Thai Green Curry –



Banting, Keto, Diabetic, Wheat and Gluten Free

So I have to put this out there, I am addicted to chilli, the hotter the better, and this little re-creation of my all time Thai Favourite is simply out of this world, but it does have quite a kick.

Nothing is more satisfying on a cold day than a nice hot curry to get your blood pumping. This is a saucy meal, so it comes with a serving of Cauli rice, flavoured with fresh basil and carbsmart spice. You need the rice to soak up all the yummy sauce offered in this dish.

The thai green curry is made with chicken, zucchini, string beans, broccoli and baby corn and coconut milk, and of course chilli.

Net carbs per full portion including the cauli rice is 4.1g per full portion, the chart can be found above.

A family size is 4 full portions.


Double Portion, Family Size ( Feeds 4 ), Single Full portion


Medium, Mild, Strong


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