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Keto Pies with Crust



Keto – Banting – Wheat and Gluten free!

These pies are very low in Carbs, contain no wheat, gluten or preservatives.

The Crust is made from Mozzarella and macadamia flour.

One of my fondest childhood memories was smelling the baked pies my Gran used to make, there was nothing yummier than a homemade pie with lots of filling. Unfortutely the Crust makes these a big no no… So when we started making our pies, we were determined to try and create the closest tastes and most of all have a generous Filling.

These are jumbo muffin size pies, with a thin crust made from mozarella and almond flour. Filled to the brim with a filling of your choice

For The Macros, please see the pictures above.

A cheesy, crispy, delicious crust holding in all the delicious flavours inside.

The Full nutritional Chart is available in the pictures section.

Only 1.6g Net Carbs per Pie.



Pack of

4, 6, single


Cajun Spiced Mince & Veg, Cheesy Beef, Lamb, Mint & Sweet Potato, Mushroom & Cheese, Rosemary Chicken & Mushroom, Spinach & Feta, Spinach feta, Turkey bacon, Variety of different flavours


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