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Mega Bunny With toffee Tummy – Lockdown Available



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Banting, Keto, Diabetic, Wheat and Gluten Free

Its that time of year where chocolate seems to just everywhere, the temptations are so great as every store you walk into has displays of rich decadent chocolates packed with sugar… That is why this is our favourite time of year, we have you covered. we have a range of yummy homemade chocolates in all sizes and flavours.

The Mega Bunny with Toffee Tummy is a totally vegan chocolate with no added sugar, homemade with cocoa butter, cacao, coconut cream, isomalt and xylitol. the inside of the bunny’s tummy is filled with a silky smooth yet sticky toffee, which will literally leave you drooling for more. 🙂

Each bunny weighs approx 350g


Please note Xylitol is not suitable for pet consumption


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