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Bountiful Rocher Fat bombs



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These Delicous Bites of heaven are absolutely to die for. They basically are a combination of a Bounty bar and a Ferrero Rocher. We made the centre out of a homemade blended coconut butter with dessicated coconut, the centre has a slight passion fruit flavour and is created with coconut oil to set, so these are best kept in the fridge. The chcolate on the outside is Hazelnut and is also homemade with Coconut oil and Cream. However, All most of our products now come in the option for making them in VEGAN form too. So if you would like these made like that, just select the vegan option.

These are perfect as little choccies to satisfy that sweet craving and you will be left with a dreamy look on your face once you have one. I absolutely love the flavour of a Bounty bar, but have not gone near the real one in Years. That is why I was determined to recreate that flavour again, and to be totally honest, these taste way better, not too sweet, and you don’t feel terrible after eating them. We have created a few more variations of this, so you can find them undet the sweet treats section.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Xylitol, Cacao, Coconut, cream

Choice of Sweetener

Erythritol, Xylitol

Pack size

Pack of 4, Pack of 8, Pack of 16


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