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Sweet Muffins



Keto – Banting – Diabetic

Muffins for as long as I can remember have been a breakfast option, My parents would always have fresh muffins in the house, but back then the awareness of sugar was almost non existant. For so many years, people believed because they contained bran or oats that they were healthy, but they were forgetting about how much sugar goes into them.

Our muffins are made with only the finest ingredients. A combination of nut flours, psyllium husk, coconut and xylitol. Depending on which ones you select, they could contain fresh berries, or sugar free chocolate chips.

Now you can enjoy all your favourite flavours over tea without the guilt.

You can select a different sweetener too.


Please note xylitol is harmful to pets.

Pack of

12, 4, 6


Apple & Cranberry, Banana, Banting muesli muffin, Blueberry, Choc- Chip, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mixed flavours, Vanilla


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