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Vanilla Coated Cookies


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Banting, Keto, Diabetic, Wheat and Gluten Free

Our Delicious Range of Cookies are perfect for tea time and for snacking on.

The Coated is made with Coconut Flour, Macadamia Flour, Eggs, Xantham gum, and xylitol

Topping can be selected above

With all our items you can select the sweetener of your choice. We generally use Xylitol as it tastes the most like sugar, but you can select Erythritol as your sweetener choice too.

Please note, Xylitol is not suitable for pet consumption.

Pack Size

Pack of 12, pack of 4

Sweetener type

Erythritol, Xylitol

Flavour Toppings

Blueberry, Chocolate, hazelnut, Passion fruit, Strawberry


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