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Chicken Ramen pouches – single portions- 350ml


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Chicken Ramen pouches


These are single portions, with chicken in, herbs and veg,

To make a ramen dish, warm up the pouch, add your konjac noodles ( our noodles do not freeze)

For the best ramen:

1 pouch, 1 portion konjac pasta, 1 boiled egg, fresh herbs, chilli

Please see picture.

What is in our Ramen?

The Ramen is a slow cooked collagen broth, but our ramen pouch has all the goodness kept in,

Made with whole Chicken, olive oil, fresh coriander, basil and tarragon, spring onion,  celery, red pepper and Usisi seasoning.

The broth pouch is much like a soup, it is chunky not strained broth.




250ml single, 1 litre


Chicken, Beef shin


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