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30 day Personalized Ketogenic Meal plan including 30 custom made meals.



  • *Are you on any medication?

    *Are you Diabetic or Coeliac?

    What foods do you not eat?

    Do you currently exercise? If so, list how active you are weekly.

    *Are you happy to start fasting on this program? Or are you already fasting?

    Please list the types of foods you really enjoy, this gives me an idea of your flavour choices.

    *What is your current weight and goal weight?

    Are you currently pregnant or breastfeeding?

    *How much water do you drink a day?

Our Personalized Ketogenic Meal Plan

This Package not only includes a Personal Eating plan worked out specifically for you, and your dietary needs, it includes instructions, Recipes and 30 custom made meals for the month. These meals are worked out to your specific dietary requirements and flavour choices. We do not use any ingredients you do not eat. You can update us weekly on your preferences.

You are required to answer all of the questions on the questionnaire provided on this page. We need to know exactly what your current situation is, We need to know if you are using any medication or have any medical conditions that we need to make provisions for.

This package includes:

  • 30 days planned out for you, with instructions on how to prepare each meal, and full recipes for dinners that you can make for the whole family or just yourself.
  • 30 custom Made meals delivered weekly for Free!
  • 7 day a week support on Whatsapp, You can contact me anytime for guidance or assistance with your journey
  • Full comprehensive lists of do’s and don’ts
  • A check in every few days to ensure you are enjoying your meals, We provide the first weeks plan, and after our first check in on day 3 we will provide you with the rest of your plan.
  • Introduction and guidance into intermittent fasting, at your own pace. We will be with you on this journey and will only enter you into this if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Meal choices, You can provide us with a list of meals you really enjoy and we will create low carb recipe alternatives for these to make your journey more enjoyable.
Choose your plan

Just the Eating Plan, Eating Plan plus 30 meals ( 1 a day ), Eating Plan Plus 60 Meals (2 meals a day), Full Eating plan plus 90 meals (3 meals a day


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