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Martinnaise Gourmet Mayo 400g.




This mayonnaise is made with ethically sourced whole free range eggs and locally grown and pressed Avocado oil that we collect fresh, directly from the farm. We only use Banting and Keto approved natural sweeteners, non-irradiated seasoning, natural lemon juice, preservative free vinegar and Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt. Martinnaise Gourmet Banting / Keto mayonnaise is free of sugar, soya, starch, preservatives, gluten, MSG, food coloring, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. All our ingredients are certified non-GMO. This product is gluten free.

Martinnaise Gourmet LCHF Mayonnaise is a smooth and tangy avocado oil mayonnaise with delicious flavour notes of lemon, mustard and grape vinegar with a hint of sweetness. It is smooth on the pallet and is full of the goodness of the natural ingredients we cram into every bottle.


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