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Martinnaise Tomato Sauce 500ml.




Contains tomato puree, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt, raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and spices. This product is preservative free, non-GMO and does not contain MSG. We don’t use any refined sugar. This sauce is gluten free.

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Tomato Sauce 500ml

Martinnaise Tomato Sauce is a delicious, sugar free low carb alternative to conventional tomato sauce. Packed with real tomatoes and delicate flavour notes of spice, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan crystal rock salt it is the perfect natural alternative that tastes like real tomato sauce because we only use real ingredients! Perfect for kids that love their tomato sauce but without the sugar and preservatives. This one is perfect for kids of all ages from pre-shool all the way to retirement, if you’re a ketchup junkie and want to do it the healthy way, look no further!


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